Aurora Hunting

Explore the the ethereal Northern Lights, discover how to predict them and where to see & photograph them. Book Now

Astronomy for Absolute Beginners

The basics for a night's stargazing; finding your way around the stars, what apps to use and a beginner's checklist of things to hunt. Book Now

Dark Sky Discovery Night

Gaze in wonder at the Milky Way & the universe beyond, see some of the fantastic things it contains like nebulae and star clusters. Book Now

Stargazing & Night Sky Tours

Discover the planets & major constellations, find your way around the stars & observe the most interesting objects, clusters, nebulae, double stars & galaxies. Book Now

Get to Know Your Telescope

Bring your own telescope or use ours & see how they work, how much they cost & get advice on what would be best for you & your budget. Book Now

Shooting Star Supper

If you've ever wished upon a shooting star then come along & discover the origins of these magical objects whilst enjoying a tasty supper. Book Now

Astrophotography - An Introduction

An introduction to imaging & processing the wonders of the universe. Our team of professional astronomers includes some who are published - get top tips from the best. Book Now

Private Parties

The observatory can be hired for you to use privately for many occasions such as; birthday parties, weddings, romantic evenings, anniversaries or even just for private stargazing and tuition. Book Now

Deep Sky AstroPhotography - An Introduction

Capture the wonders of the universe, including Milky Way dark sky objects and beyond - up to halfway across the Cosmos! Tickets are limited for these events. Book Now