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Counting stars in the battle against light pollution

Between 22 and 28 February this year the Campaign for Rural England needs your help!

Battlesteads Observatory, the Milky Way & Orion

During that week, on a clear and cloudless night can you head into your back garden or yard and do a little stargazing for a good cause? Once outside give your eyes about half an hour to adjust to the dark and then locate Orion. All you have to do is, discounting the 4 corner stars of Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Rigel, and Saiph, count the other stars within Orion. Obviously everyone should at least spot the three stars in the belt, but the darker your skies, the more you should be able to count.

When you’ve finished, head over to and submit your results. This will help them build up a map for the UK showing where the worst light polluted skies are, but also where the best darkest skies are.