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Venus Inferior Conjection and Solar System Scope

Tomorrow the planet Venus will be at “inferior conjunction” – what does that mean?  Firstly I must apologise on behalf of my profession for the use of terminology that can be off-putting and at times a bit grandiose.  This is a habit of particularly keen amateurs and also sometimes lofty distant academics, perhaps more interested in showing off their knowledge than trying to make things a bit simpler to understand for newcomers to the hobby.

Basically planets can be called inferior or superior to each other based on their positions to one another. A good way to think of an “inferior” planet is that it’s “interior” to the reference plant. In this case, Venus is interior/inferior compared to Earth.

So tomorrow when we’re saying that Venus is at “inferior conjunction” it means that it’s lined up with the Sun in this way – SUN > Venus > Earth.  Click on the link below for an online solar system model to see what we mean. (If you click on this link after 3rd June 2020 you’ll have to rewind time to today so you can see what inferior conjunction looks like!