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Geminids Meteor Shower

an image of a geminid shooting star

Have you ever wished upon a star?  Well with the Geminids Meteor Shower you’ve got the best opportunity to do so (cloud permitting) because the peak lasts for two days and you can see dozens and dozens of shooting stars each hour.

The Geminids is one of the best meteor showers of the year and you can read all about it in detail by clicking this link.

Top Tips for a good night of shooting star spotting:

  • Wrap up warm.
  • Best views are after midnight, from a dark location. (but your back yard is also fine).
  • Sit on a garden chair, or lie down on a blanket.
  • Aim your toes towards the constellation of Orion and just look up and around for as long as you can stand the cold.
  • Have Fun!