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Are We Nearly There Yet by Carol Davenport – A Review

This is a lovely childrens book about the Rosalind Franklin Rover, (previously known as the ExoMars Rover)

Written by the physicist and educator Dr. Carol Davenport, which tells the story of a number of robotic missions in our solar system from the perspective of the story teller, Mission Control, talking with an impatient Mars rover “are we there yet?”

We’ve had this book for a couple of years and have read it to our five year old daughter now and then, and this week she fully engaged with the story and wanted to find out more.  After finishing the book, our daughter was keen to find out more about “little e” (now called “Rosie” since ExoMars had its name updated.)

The book colorfully tells the story of other robotic missions too; Huygens and Cassini,  Rosetta and Philae, New Horizons, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity Rovers and the final section has some bullet points info about each mission.

Easy to read, and with plenty of mission imagery it vividly brings space exploration to life in a simple and fun way for children around the 4-7 age range.

Highly Recommended.

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