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We offer a wide range of stargazing, astrophotography & STEM events & activities at various locations including the Battlesteads Dark Sky Observatory. These are tailored for all levels of expertise and interests and you can also go stargazing with us wherever you are.  We also provide STEM activities for Home Educators, schools and colleges and our AstroTastic project is all about seeding astronomy clubs in primary schools in the North East.

Events & Activities

  • Go Stargazing With Us

    Go Stargazing With Us

    We currently run stargazing events at a number of locations and we can also go stargazing with you wherever you are.

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  • Hideaway Huts

    Hideaway Huts

    Quirky and romantic; practical and peaceful, luxury escapes in the heart of Northumberland designed just for two.

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  • The Dark Sky Public Observatory

    The Dark Sky Public Observatory

    The Battlesteads Dark Sky Observatory & Milky Way Dark Sky Discovery Site is the perfect place to explore Northumberland's famous dark skies.

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  • Apps & Digial Astronomy

    Apps & Digial Astronomy

    There are dozens of phone apps and lots of free software packages to help you with your stargazing. This short session introduces you to the basics

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  • School & Youth STEM Activities

    School & Youth STEM Activities

    Activities for schools, cubs, beavers, guides, scouts, home-school all on or off-site for children aged 6 to 18. Our activities all come with learning plans, schemes of work and handouts for staff & students.

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  • Private Parties & Events

    Private Parties & Events

    All our events, activities or services can be tailored to your own personal event or private party. Get in touch to find out more.

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  • Northumberland Starfest

    Northumberland Starfest

    Starfest is a family-friendly celebration of astronomy held at Brown Rigg Lodges in October and February every year.

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Events at Battlesteads

  • Aurora Hunting

    Aurora Hunting

    Explore the ethereal Northern Lights, discover how to predict them, where to see and how to photograph them.

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  • Astronomy for Absolute Beginners

    Astronomy for Absolute Beginners

    The basics for a night's stargazing; finding your way around the stars, what apps to use and a beginner's checklist of things to hunt.

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  • Dark Sky Discovery Night

    Dark Sky Discovery Night

    Gaze in wonder at the Milky Way and the universe beyond, see some of the fantastic things it contains like nebulae and star clusters.

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  • Stargazing & MoonWatch

    Stargazing & MoonWatch

    Marvel at the magnificent moon & go stargazing, looking for double stars, clusters, planets, galaxies and nebulae.

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  • Get to know your telescope

    Get to know your telescope

    We don't have any of these events scheduled for the future but you can either organise your own with us, OR bring your telescope along to one of our events - please let us know in advance using the link.

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  • Shooting Star Supper

    Shooting Star Supper

    If you've ever wished upon a shooting star then come along & discover the origins of these magical objects whilst enjoying a tasty supper.

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  • Nightscape Photography

    Nightscape Photography

    Learn the first steps in taking pictures of the night sky and wonders of the universe; take fantastic pictures & timelapses of the landscape at night. Bring your DSRL & capture the milky way, moon-scapes & more.

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  • Private Parties

    Private Parties

    The observatory can be hired for you to use privately for many occasions such as; birthday parties, weddings, romantic evenings, anniversaries or even just for private stargazing and tuition.

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  • Deep Sky Astrophotography

    Deep Sky Astrophotography

    Capture the wonders of the universe, including Milky Way dark sky objects and beyond - up to halfway across the Cosmos! Tickets are limited for these events.

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